Why Aztiq

Since the beginning, our investment philosophy has centered on one fundamental belief - that if there’s a treatment, it should be within the reach of anyone who needs it. So, while we’re specialists in a complex business, our purpose is simple - to improve lives and strengthen the sustainability of the global healthcare ecosystem.

What makes us different?

Aztiq is an experienced team of operators that have a history of building global platforms.

Our experience allows us to understand what management teams need in order to accelerate growth, optimize operational results and ultimately achieve outstanding long-term value.

Meet Our Team

Aztiq’s value-enhancing investment approach leverages our deep expertise and proven track record

    Opportunity Sourcing

    Our vast network and history of global deal making facilitates sourcing of add-on growth opportunities

    Capital Structure Optimization

    Non-dilutive financing and capital structure support a balanced cost of capital while preserving shareholder value

    Negotiation and Execution

    Our experience ensures optimal deal structure and certainty on both the buy and sell side

    Exit Strategies

    We have a history of developing optimal strategies to harvest returns through mergers, IPOs, or trade sales

    Capital Market Strategies

    We provide advice on capital market strategies, in order to promote companies and optimize value with deep understanding of the public market environment

    Strategic Operations Support

    Utilizing our experience, we tailor our approach to each investment to provide the support necessary to optimize operations

    Sustainability (ESG)

    We support Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives that benefit all stakeholders

We’re always building strong partnerships, advanced capabilities, targeted solutions, better lives. We’re proud of the things we’ve accomplished, and excited about the opportunity to do more.

Róbert Wessman

Investment team cumulative experience by the numbers

100 +
Years of industry and sector experience
50 +
M&A transactions executed
$10 Bn
Value of M&A transactions executed
1,000 +
Partnerships secured

Guiding Principles

Aztiq has been designed and built around a set of principles that guide our approach to investment, help inform our operating processes, and ultimately shape our definitions of success.


We think big, and we’re energized by ambitious goals. We seek out partners who share the same mindset.


We recognize the value of speed and flexibility, and we approach all our partnerships with this in mind.


We bring a creative approach to the business of building the kind of organizations that can change lives, and we’re not constrained by established formulas or overly restrictive investment guidelines.


We’ve built a dynamic team with deep-rooted knowledge and complementary skill sets. We know that close collaboration with our partners builds trust and generates meaningful results.


We operate with an entrepreneurial spirit, but we also leverage decades of operating expertise. When it comes to building partnerships that make a difference, that’s a powerful combination.

Our Philosophy

Decades of industry experience have taught us that there is simply no one way to do anything, and that progress requires thinking beyond the known. We approach every partnership opportunity as unique, relying on our team’s depth of expertise to help determine the best level of engagement and most effective course of action.

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Sector Focus

Healthcare, specifically targeting pharmaceutical and biotechnology opportunities


A truly global scope, we look for the right opportunities, regardless of location


We look for people who are as passionate as we are about creating positive change for patients and the global healthcare ecosystem

Investment Type

We are flexible with our capital, able to tailor our approach to the unique needs of the partner